Drawing the Portrait for Beginners

Instructor: Juan Cantavella

Class Description

This class is designed for students looking to learn how to draw and paint human Portraits.

The Course will start with the fundamentals of drawing, providing the student with principles to learn “to see” and how to translate what you see in a two-dimensional representation.

Starting with understanding how the human brain processes information and changing old habits of seeing will give the student the foundation to begin seeing “the artist’s way” and open the road for good drawing skills.

The class is limited to four students per section to give each one personal attention and guidance.

The course will last ten weeks one session per week, and each class is based on the prior class knowledge, so attendance is required, demos and assignments will be given and practice between classes is highly recommended.

Course Summary

First Class: Drawing on the right side of the brain.
Second Class: Shapes and lines. Positive and negative space.
Third Class: Measuring. Relative units of measurement. Angles and Alignments. Proportional Caliper.
Fourth Class: Three-Dimensionality. Seeing Light – Drawing Shade.  DEMO.
Fifth Class: Fitting all together. Drawing the Portrait. Front view from photo reference. DEMO.
Sixth Class: Drawing the Portrait. Three quarter view from photo reference. DEMO.
Seventh Class: Drawing the Portrait.P rofile view from photo reference. DEMO.
Eighth Class: Drawing the Portrait. Front view from live model. DEMO.
Ninth Class: Drawing the Portrait. Three quarter view from live model. DEMO.
Tenth Class: Drawing the Portrait. Profile view from live model. DEMO.

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